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Nardu Malherbe

Web Developer
Ecommerce Services

Hi! 👋🏽

You want a website or online store and you are looking for someone to help?
You will find value working with me for:
Shopify® store, portfolio website, mobile site

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Previous Work

Shopify product page showing main product named Celestia Blox star projector
Image carousel still of Shopify Store
code editor side by side with store output
ipad showing responsive store  layout of Shopify Coffee store
Adidas landing page with left half showing coming soon message and right half a photograph of an Adidias sneaker splashing in a puddle
Apple monitor displaying a Shopify Coffeee store

My Favourite Skills


Your site/store's mark-up
From visible and assistive content, to SEO!
This is the foundation of any page / store / social app. I can make sure this first element is set up just so.


Styling, Looks and Layout ↩ The colours, theme, fonts and everything that adds up to show your image and brand is made of CSS. Let's present your offering to the world in the right way.


{CODE/} the clever stuff that makes something happen when a visitor clicks or interacts with your site. Flipcards (☝🏽) or



Design and Mock-up
One of the internet's favourite design and mock-up tools. To get designs and colors exact, this design tool gets you and me on the same page.


Git & Github

Release Management
Less visual among my skills, these tools help manage work and updates in a controlled and organized way.


Visual Web Builder
You use WordPress? I can help. This visual tool is used on more than one third (1/3) websites currently on the internet.

Service Offering

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Shopify Build & Setup

You bring the vision
I bring the expertise
I help you kick-start your Ecommerce venture with Shopify store Design, Build and Setup.

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Store Migration

Benefit from upgraded security, performance and world class support, once you move to Shopify. I perform all aspects of the migration.

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Site Optimizations

Improve your website or store speed. Images can cause big delays and bad code can contribute too. Let me test and fix your slow load times.
*Audit based

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Conversion Optimization

Make sure your customers find what they want. I assist you with optimal layout, placement and navigation so more visitors become customers.

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Shopify Apps

I consult with you and evaluate your challenges to select the best fit Apps. Spending too much time on admin tasks? Let me help you find an easier way

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Tailor your shopping experience. I customize stores that need unique product and shopping options. There is always a better way.

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